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Ombré Macramé Plant Hanger

  • HANDMADE IN INDIA: Livalaya are designed in USA and handmade in India. The Macrame pattern is intricately crafted with the lot of attention to detail and the color has been dipped to perfection. Beautiful and sturdy planter. No pot or plant included with this product.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MACRAME: Livalaya planter can be decorated in any part of your home be it your patio, deck, balcony, window, garden, kitchen, Porch, hallway or ceiling. Choose your most favored spot and hang it on a hook or by using an L bracket against any wall.
  • HAND DIPPED COLOR: These planters are unique as they have been carefully hand dyed by talented artisans from the North of India. The Color are soothing and will accentuate the beauty of your plants. The pot holder is a Blackish Grey.
  • FUTURE FRIENDLY: Environmentally friendly product made from 100% cotton which is Sustainable. The planter is packaged in a  100% muslin drawstring pouch which is washable and reusable.
  • UNIQUE GARDEN GIFTS: If you ever wondered what to gift a friend who was a plant lover, look no further. Livalaya make this macrame pot hanger pretty, bohemian, reasonable and durable.


PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Suitable for 6 to 12-inch diameter pots. Pot height preferable between 4 to 9 inches.


1. Our product supports the livelihood of an artisans in India.
2. Time to dress up your plants in Livalaya, the material is cotton which is soothing and sustainable.
3. They come in 4 different ombre shades of Brick Red, Turquoise Blue, Olive Green and Charcoal Grey.
4. Use it all year around, it fits perfectly indoors as well as outdoors.
5.Hang them Outdoors from spring thru summer and beautify your garden or patio.
6. During winters grow indoor plants like Succulents, Cactus, Air Plant holder, spider plant, Hoya, Aleo Vera, Herbs, Areca, Bamboo Palm, and more.
7. The 4 strands of the macrame planter design gives good support to the pots and keeps the posture straight and prevents falls.
8. Sturdy and Pretty for any living space.
9. A Contrast or Neutral colored Pot would bring out the Ombre Shades of the Planters.
10.The planter also has tassels at the bottom which attributes to the beauty of the design.
11.Pet and Kid friendly as it is way beyond their reach.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS : Do not wash, spot clean with a damp cloth if needed.

1. Our product supports an Artisans Livelihood in India.
2. Time to dress up your living spaces in Livalaya, the material is cotton which is ecological and environmentally safe.
3. Tapestry that fits perfectly any Space, Style or Occasion.
4. Perfect way to mix a little Farm style, Hippie, Boho Chic Look to your Home decor.
5. Durable, sturdy Macrame loops which will hang easily on any curtain Rod/Dowel which makes it Strong and long lasting.
6. Create a focal point in living rooms, Statement Wall piece above your bed, or hang it at the Office or over a large window.
7. Woven macrame wall Pediments are unbelievably adaptable and can easily transform a simple basic room and give it a contemporary look!
8. A Memorable Gift or could be Owners Pride!

With our unique Design’s, you get to dress up your plants and enhance their natural beauty. The Ombre Colors are pretty and pleasant! They will surely add to the Aura of your Living Space.

Livalaya planters are packaged with a lot of care!! The planter rests in a 100% cotton muslin beige Drawstring Pouch. Just like our planter, the bag too promotes an Eco-friendly lifestyle, eliminating the use of plastic which is intentional and the need of the hour. The pouch can be used for storage or travel purposes
Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Creamy White
Package Includes: 1 PCS
Size: 48" L X 12" W

Ombré Macramé Plant Hanger