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Jute Plant Basket



HANDMADE IN INDIA: The Plant Basket is Designed in USA but manufactured in India. India is the largest producer of Jute in the world and it is called the “Golden Fiber” because of its color and its Cost Effectiveness. The Plant Holder is intricately spun and sewn in a coiling pattern with long, soft and shiny Fibers, making the basket soft but firm. The Pot Holder starts with the natural color of jute at the bottom and the upper half is black which has a silver shimmer on it, this color combination is very eye catching, bold and brilliant. The Planter is super strong and sturdy. No pot or plant is included with this product

FUTURE FRIENDLY: Environmentally friendly product made from 100% Jute which is Sustainable, Renewable and Biodegradable.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Livalaya Plant Baskets can be used to decorate any part of your home be it your patio, deck, balcony, window, garden, kitchen, Porch or hallway.

MULTI PURPOSE : These Baskets are Versatile as can be used for storage purposes, you could store toys, baby clothing, diapers, craft supplies, office supplies, books, use it in the kitchen to store spices, or a fruit basket ,as a laundry basket or a plant basket. A Perfect solution to de-clutter and organize any space be it at home or your workspace.

UNIQUE GIFTS: The basket can also be used as a Gift Basket for any occasion, fill it with all sorts of goodies for a Baby shower, or wedding or even Holiday gifts for the host, add a wine bottle , cheese, crackers, chocolates and clear wrapping paper and bring in the best looking gift to any party or event.


COLOR: Black, Brown and Silver Shimmer.

DIMENSIONS :11 Inches height and 10 Inches Diameter.

Suitable for 6 to 9-inches diameter pots.Pot height preferable between 5 to 9 inches.

Why choose Livalaya

1. Our product supports an eco-friendly lifestyle.
2. Time to dress up your plants in Livalaya, the material is Jute which is ecological and environmentally safe.
3. They are versatile, and add a trendy look to any space.
4. Use it all year around, it fits perfectly indoors as well as outdoors.
5. Place them Outdoors from spring through summer and beautify your garden or patio.
6. Indoor use of the basket is limitless, will work out your storage solutions and help de-clutter.
7. Sturdy and Pretty for any living space.
8. It’s the latest interior decorating trend to spruce up any plant in your home.

With our unique Design’s, you get to dress up your plants and enhance their natural beauty. The Colors are pretty and pleasant! They will surely add to the Aura of your Living Space.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Do not wash, spot clean with damp cloth.

Jute Plant Basket