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Ananda Woven Wall Hanging



DISTINCTIVE CRAFT: This wall hanging is a perfect way to work vintage pieces into a modern home decor, just adding this Tapestry brings an instant Tribal, Aztec and Bohemian vibe to any room..

PREMIUM QUALITY WOVEN TAPESTRY: 100% top notch Wool used to provide a premium quality wall hanging unlike any other. Will spice up any part of your Home be it your Bedroom library, nursery, dorm or even you work space

HANDMADE IN INDIA: Livalaya wall Hangings are designed in Oregon and Woven in India. The Weave has been done in a lighter shade of Grey, vibrant Turquoise blue, and red yarn. The pattern has been intricately crafted and the grey tassels add to its Aesthetics. It also has some Decorative Silver Artificial Coins/Sequins Attached to the lower sectioned “V” of the wall hanging. Pure and Alluring Woven Wall Art, you would love to own, this is a Steal for the Price!

MEMORABLE GIFT: A gift to fit any occasion, especially House warming, baby shower, Weddings, Mother’s Day or for the Holidays The wall hanging is neatly packaged in a 100 % Muslin Drawstring pouch with is washable and reusable.

FUTURE FRIENDLY: Environmentally friendly product made from 100% Wool which is Sustainable, Renewable and Biodegradable. Buying Livalaya Tapestries Supports 2 worthy causes, the Environment and the Artisans of India.

MATERIAL USED: Wool, Cotton, Wood.


  1. Woven area is 20 inches x 40 inches
  2. Total length is appx 45 inches
  3. The dowel is appx 24 inches wide


  1. Our product supports an Artisans Livelihood in India.
  2. Time to dress up your living spaces in Livalaya, the material is Wool which is ecological and environmentally safe.
  3. Tapestry that fits perfectly any Space, Style or Occasion.
  4. Perfect way to mix a little Farm style, Hippie, Boho Chic Look to your Home decor.
  5. Durable, sturdy Woven wall art which hangs on a real wood Dowel which makes it Strong and long lasting.
  6. Create a focal point in your living rooms, Statement Wall piece above your bed, or hang it at the Office or over a large window.
  7. Woven wall Pediments are unbelievably adaptable and can easily transform a simple basic room and give it a contemporary look!
  8. A Memorable Gift or could be Owners Pride!

Shop with a Worthy Cause!

Care instructions: Do not wash. Spot clean and dust if necessary, with a damp cloth.

Material: 100% Wool Yarn and 100% Cotton Warp Yarn
Color: Lighter Shade of Grey, Vibrant Turquoise Blue, and Red Yarns
Package Includes: 1 PCS
Size: 45" L X 24" W

Ananda Woven Wall Hanging